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Birth Mistry Of Sai Baba

Birth Mistry Of Sai Baba

Life of Sai Baba and teachings are well documented in Sai Satcharitra by Shri Hemadpant in Marathi which was personally blessed by Shri Sai Baba.
Shri Hemadpant got Shri Sai Baba's blessings in 1910 to write this work. Said Shri 

Sai Baba Let him make a collection of stories and experiences, keep notes and 

memos I will help him. He is only an outward instrument. Subsequently 

SaiSatcharitra has been translated into a number of different languages. The one in 

English is called Shri Sai Satcharitra by Shri Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji.

Chandbhai, the headman of a village called Dhoopkhede, once 

lost his horse and was looking for it. Suddenly he heard a voice say You look 

tired. Come here and rest a while. He turned around and saw a young Fakir. 

The fakir smiled at him and said What are you looking for in this jungle, 

Chandbhai. This surprised Chandbhai and he wondered how the fakir knew his name.

Slowly, he said I have lost my horse. I have looked for it everywhere, but cannot 

seem to find it. The Fakir told him to look behind a clump of trees. Chandbhai was 

pleasently surprised to find his horse grazing peacefully behind those trees. He 

thanked the Fakir and asked his name. The Fakir said some people call me Sai 


Sai Baba then invited Chandbhai to have a smoke with him. He got the pipe ready, 

but there was no Fire to light it with. Sai Baba thrust a pair of tongs into the 

ground and brought out a burning coal. Chandbhai was wonderstruck. He thought this 

is no ordinary person and invited Baba to come to his house and be his guest for a 

few days.

Next day Baba went to Chandbhai's house and found everybody in a very joyful mood 

and festivities going on all around. He found that Chanbhai's wife's nephew was 

getting married. The bride was from Shirdi and the marriage party was going to 

Shirdi. Chandbhai invited Baba to accompany the marriage party to Shirdi. At Shirdi 

they camped in a field next to Khandoba's temple.

After the wedding, Saibaba stayed on at Shirdi. At first he lived under a neem tree 

and begged for food whenever he needed it. He then went to Khandoba's temple, 

intending to stay there, but the temple priest met him at the entrance and told him 

to go to the mosque. That is how Baba, started staying at the Mosque which was 

later called Dwarkamayi.

Shirdi is located approximately 300 Kilometers from Mumbai  City in India. Shirdi 

is located approximately 300 km from Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra in India. It is 

called the Land of Sai. The closest and highly connected city from Shirdi is 

Ahmednagar city.

Shirdi is Famous Temple of Shri Sai Baba. It was established in 1922 to carry out 

the services of Shri Sai Baba.

Shri Saibaba of Shirdi lived between 1838 and 1918, whose real name, birthplace and 

date of birth are not known. An Indian spiritual guru and a Fakir, Shri Saibaba in 

Shirdi was regarded with great reverence by both Hindu and Muslim followers. Lord 

Sai lived in a mosque and after death his body was cremaiated in a temple.

Shirdi located approx. 300 Kilometers from Mumbai,
Shirdi called the Land of Sai,
Shirdi was established in 1922,
Real name, birthplace and 

date of birth of Sai Baba is Unknown,
Sai Satcharitra written by Shri Hemadpant,

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